Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Key Chain in Zakka Style to Love

Hi all, it comes to the middle of the week. How does everything going? Hope you all got everything okay. Yesterday when I went back home and opened the door with my key, a thought come to my mind. I guess I should add some key chain to my keys so as not to make it just all keys.

It would be no doubt that most people will come back home in a happy mood, the time he opens the door to home, the time he opens a door to happiness. So the whole process should be in happy and beautiful status. Thus I wanna to decorate my key with a decorate it. The fabric teabag key chain in zakka style with flower let me fall in love with it.

The item was found on etsy. As you know, there are always lovely and handmade stuffs there. The teabag is about 4.5cm x 7cm in size. There are three white lacy flowers sewn on the natural linen. In the center of the flower lies the flower bud which was made by beautiful pearl. On the top of the teabag, an ivory ribbon bow ties to it. In this way, the ribbon bow adds a sense of romance to it.

As the owner and maker of the zakka teabag key chain puts it that: “They just bring me happiness and satisfaction every time i pull out the keys, and I hope you can share the happiness too :)” Yes, I would like to share such little happiness created by the little stuffs. Do you?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zakka Cups with Cross-stitch Styled Prints

A good time of the day may consist in an afternoon tea with friends or books while enjoying the sunshine. And perhaps, a cup of coffee or tea will complete it. How do you find of it?

There is a saying goes that no matter good coffee or good tea may not lack good cups. A cup matters! A suitable or stylish cup may offer more taste and joy to the drink. And today I will share you a set of country and rustic zakka cups.

These cups are in Ceramics which add some vintage favor to the whole feeling of them. The cross-stitch styled prints on the cup are very cute and unique. There are mainly 3 styles of the cross-stitch print: wooden horse, mushroom, and tree. You can choose as your preference.

As for the size, the rim of diameter is 9.2cm, cup bottom diameter 7.2cm, cup height 7.7cm, the volume of the cup is 350ml. It’s very suitable for drinking coffee.

Do you like this zakka style cups? How about add such a lovely cup to your afternoon tea time or for daily use? Anyway, enjoy it dear readers:)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Reversible Zakka Style Handbag in Cotton and Linen

Happy Friday! The weekend is just around the corner! What’s the plan for the weekend? Maybe go to the cinema to enjoy a movie or go out to shopping with friends? If you choice is to go out to shopping, then you should not miss out today’s favorite: a reversible zakka style cotton and linen handbag.


The handbag has oneside with quality flower cotton print in baby blue. Another side is in cotton grey. It is about 23cm in length and 11.5cm in width at opening. The baby blue strap is about 54cms.



In the interior of the bag, it has one convenient pocket. Because it is fully padded with fleece batting for added sturdiness, the bag has a flat bottom. In this way, it is practical for use compared with soft bottom. The small necessaries like mobile phone, keys, wallet or others can all be carried in it.



The handmade crocheted doily is beautiful and practical. It greatly decorates the handbag, also it server as a cover with a button on both side. One of the great advantages of the handbag is that it can be used with two sides. So you can enjoy carrying this Japanese zakka style lined handbag. It will going to match your everyday style. Hope you can like it:)



(Please note that the pictures are from etsy and its design is owned by its original designer)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zakka Mini Wood Bench

Almost in every park, you can find a common thing: the bench. The material of the bench may vary, like metal, wood or stone, however the usage is always the same: it is there to provide a rest for visitors after a long time walk.

 The creative handicraftsman take inspiration from every detail of life. And so they bring us the zakka mini wood bench. The heart shape hollow-out on the back of the bench makes it delicate and yet sweet. It is about 16cm long and 12.5cm tall. It is tiny in size. It is a hand-worked wood item, so it maybe natural for it to have some flaws. Just like the saying “ To error is human” Maybe for it “To flaw is handmade”  lol.

  As for the color, the sandal wood color and mint color are just full of vintage taste. In this way, the item becomes even more zakka! The item itself is a individual craft and art. Meanwhile, you can also invite some “little friends” to take a rest on it (just like the last picture shows below). Then it becomes another combination. 

 The heart-shape always stands for love and care. So it maybe also serve as a gift for lover or wedding gift. Little but Cute, I guess that you will also like it as me :)

A Look at Hand-paint Designer Geninne’s Comfortable Studio

Geninne is one of my favorite Mexican hand-paint designers. She loves watercolors and dedicated to share lots of inspiring work with us. It can be found that most of her work features bird. As to her private life, she once said she lived in the beautiful colonial city of Queretaro with her husband Manolo and their two handsome boys. How cool!

Have you ever wonder what’s her studio or workshop looks like? It is the place where she starts all her work and gets inspiration from. Let’s see it.

The studio is spacious and bright with large window which can let through the sunshine in. The wall is almost white and blue with3/1proporation. There are antique wood furniture full of zakka style. It serves as a powerful storage space as well as her drawing inspiration. The whole space is pure and fresh filled with her work.

 Really love her studio and I come to know how she brings out so many inspiring works. The studio must be comfortable and inspiring. Expecting more of her works in the future. And also I wish I can also have such an inspiring and comfortable studio.

 (Please note that the pictuers are from flicker:Geninne)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Tuesday DIY: Perfect Sakura Print

Hi all, happy Tuesday! We got perfect Tuesday with sunshine and gentle breeze here. What a lovely spring day. How about your days? Follow me and let’s do a very lovely project on the day.

Today the project we are going to do is just easy and fun: DIY Perfect Sakura Print. When it comes to sakura, most people would think of the sakura scenery in Japan. Yes, definitely beautiful. If you got a chance to view it, never miss it. Just like the soft and beautiful sakura, there are many zakka items are also cute and soft.

When you are going to do this, you will need some basic materials: a plate to serve the pink paint, an empty Coca-Cola bottle, a piece of paper and a painting brush.

The first step, use the painting brush to draw some branches on the paper. It would be very easy, some lines will do. This will make a basic shape of the sakura tree. Next, put the bottle into the plate which already served the paint. This way, the paint can be invited to the bottom of the bottle. The third step, is use the bottom to paint on some of the branches. By a press of the bottle, the petal of the sakura will come out! Easy? Try it yourself then, and hope you can enjoy the process like me. Here are the some pictures for the steps.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Set of Cute Cloth Giraffe Dolls

Hello, it is a new week here. How is your weekend, guys? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Today I would like to share you with a set of cloth giraffe dolls. This is a very cute item for decorating your space. No matter bedroom or living room. Cause it’s just so cute and will definitely add sweetness to the space. Meanwhile it can also be a good idea for gifts. I belt that most girls would love it. Oh, it would serve as wedding gift too! :D

As you can find that, it is made of two cloth giraffe doll with Mr giraffe and Mrs giraffe. The Mr Giraffe shows a blue bow tie and “love,live,laugh”quote on body. The Mrs Giraffe has a red scarf a heart shape on body and “home sweet home” quote. They are stitched by hand and was very delicate.

The quote on the body is blessing. It shows good wishes for life. My dear readers, hope you can also preserve good wishes for life,love zakka style, love the item.

The quote on the body is blessing. It shows good wishes for life. My dear readers, hope you can also preserve good wishes for life and love the item as well.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mini Elegant Basket in Beautiful Zakka Style

Hello lovies, It is fabulous Friday. Have a happy day! The zakkatalk is now on blogger, and as I have said before, the zakkatalk blog will keep sharing lovely stuffs to you all. Also some lovely DIY projects may be included. Just keep tuned with us. xoxo

Today I will share you with a zakka style hand woven basket. Here it comes!!! Do you love it at first sight? Isn’t it elegant?

It is a 1/12 dollhouse miniature scale hand woven elegant basket in a beautiful zakka style. For the size, the Basket measures approximately 4cm wide and 3.3cm tall (including handle) or we can put it that 1.57 inches by 1.29 inches. You got right, it is pretty mini :)

The white lace added on the top of it greatly accentuates the beauty and cuteness of this hand made basket. You can put it in anyroom of your house for ornaments and for storage. For example, you can just do as the picture shows, add some rose for ornament. Also you put some lovely stuffs in to it, like a phone, keys etc. Please note that this is an adult dollhouse miniature collectable toy. It may not suitable for young children. Hope this basket can brighten your Friday.
(Please note that the pictures are from: etsy)

Zakkatalk Is Now On

Hi all, welcome to Amy’s blog: zakkatalk! I am a big zakka fan and loves all the sweet and cute things in life. In this blog, I would like to share the stuffs I like with you. Hope you can like it.

Zakka originally from the Japanese term 'zak-ka' or 'many things' is a fashion and design phenomenon that has spread from Japan throughout Asia. And in nowadays, it is very popular among girls, housewives, and various classes of people. Usually, the term refers to anything that improves your home, appearance and even the life.

In the very matter of fact, zakka has been described as "the art of seeing the savvy in the ordinary and mundane". It is a really nice praise for the zakka art. As for the character of zakka product, cute, corny and kitschy is not enough. The product must be attractive, sensitive, and laden with subtle meaning so as to qualify as a zakka.

Here, Amy would like to invite you all to keep tuned with us and enjoy the sweetness of various zakka work in the coming days.