Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Key Chain in Zakka Style to Love

Hi all, it comes to the middle of the week. How does everything going? Hope you all got everything okay. Yesterday when I went back home and opened the door with my key, a thought come to my mind. I guess I should add some key chain to my keys so as not to make it just all keys.

It would be no doubt that most people will come back home in a happy mood, the time he opens the door to home, the time he opens a door to happiness. So the whole process should be in happy and beautiful status. Thus I wanna to decorate my key with a decorate it. The fabric teabag key chain in zakka style with flower let me fall in love with it.

The item was found on etsy. As you know, there are always lovely and handmade stuffs there. The teabag is about 4.5cm x 7cm in size. There are three white lacy flowers sewn on the natural linen. In the center of the flower lies the flower bud which was made by beautiful pearl. On the top of the teabag, an ivory ribbon bow ties to it. In this way, the ribbon bow adds a sense of romance to it.

As the owner and maker of the zakka teabag key chain puts it that: “They just bring me happiness and satisfaction every time i pull out the keys, and I hope you can share the happiness too :)” Yes, I would like to share such little happiness created by the little stuffs. Do you?

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