Monday, May 21, 2012

Tuesday DIY: Perfect Sakura Print

Hi all, happy Tuesday! We got perfect Tuesday with sunshine and gentle breeze here. What a lovely spring day. How about your days? Follow me and let’s do a very lovely project on the day.

Today the project we are going to do is just easy and fun: DIY Perfect Sakura Print. When it comes to sakura, most people would think of the sakura scenery in Japan. Yes, definitely beautiful. If you got a chance to view it, never miss it. Just like the soft and beautiful sakura, there are many zakka items are also cute and soft.

When you are going to do this, you will need some basic materials: a plate to serve the pink paint, an empty Coca-Cola bottle, a piece of paper and a painting brush.

The first step, use the painting brush to draw some branches on the paper. It would be very easy, some lines will do. This will make a basic shape of the sakura tree. Next, put the bottle into the plate which already served the paint. This way, the paint can be invited to the bottom of the bottle. The third step, is use the bottom to paint on some of the branches. By a press of the bottle, the petal of the sakura will come out! Easy? Try it yourself then, and hope you can enjoy the process like me. Here are the some pictures for the steps.

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