Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Leave-shaped Zakka Cotton Linen Pot Holder

Happy Wednesday! It has been days since I did not share linen zakka with you all. In the previous two posts are about the wood. And today, let have some linen stuff. It has been waiting for us to discover it! 

As you may know, etsy is an online site that has lots of handmade stuffs, either cute or vintage. Among them there are also many zakka items handmade by the smart people. Today I am going to share a Leave-shaped zakka cotton linen pot holder from the Singing Sunflower shop on etsy.

It is going to bring some greenery from the garden to the kitchen. The owner sews two different kinds of fabrics by hand. This allows it to have two different kind of charm. On the one side, it is the floral print cotton, while on the other side, it was linen check in green. It is worth mentioning that the smart owner also hand embroidered the leave texture with green thread to make it looks vivid.

On the top of the pot holder, a wood ring is sewn on to it so that it can be hanged when free of use. It can not only serve a purpose as a hot pad, but also protect your desk, say wood desk from heating too much. After all, it can be a cute item to just display in your kitchen. Do you like it?

 (Please note that the pictures in the post are from: etsy)

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