Friday, May 25, 2012

Reversible Zakka Style Handbag in Cotton and Linen

Happy Friday! The weekend is just around the corner! What’s the plan for the weekend? Maybe go to the cinema to enjoy a movie or go out to shopping with friends? If you choice is to go out to shopping, then you should not miss out today’s favorite: a reversible zakka style cotton and linen handbag.


The handbag has oneside with quality flower cotton print in baby blue. Another side is in cotton grey. It is about 23cm in length and 11.5cm in width at opening. The baby blue strap is about 54cms.



In the interior of the bag, it has one convenient pocket. Because it is fully padded with fleece batting for added sturdiness, the bag has a flat bottom. In this way, it is practical for use compared with soft bottom. The small necessaries like mobile phone, keys, wallet or others can all be carried in it.



The handmade crocheted doily is beautiful and practical. It greatly decorates the handbag, also it server as a cover with a button on both side. One of the great advantages of the handbag is that it can be used with two sides. So you can enjoy carrying this Japanese zakka style lined handbag. It will going to match your everyday style. Hope you can like it:)



(Please note that the pictures are from etsy and its design is owned by its original designer)

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