Thursday, June 28, 2012

Festive Craft: DIY 4th July Star Napkin Rings

It’s Friday, the weekend is coming! Hooary! Any plan for the weekend? Oh, a few more days, the Independence Day is arriving on the 4th of July! It is one of the most fun and holidays to decorate for due to the fun shapes, colors and designs that come along with it.

It would be a nice idea to add some festival touch to the day. Today the lovely DIY project shared from with the name the 4th July napkin rings is just for the occasion. It is easy to make and will definitely add a sense of patriotic to any table!

To begin with the project, you may need a colored ribbon, blue and white styrofoam sheets, colored buttons, a hot glue gun, pencils, scissors and a star cookie cutter or shape.

When the material is ready, then it comes to the steps to make it. Trace stars on the foam using your star shape and cut out the star shapes with a scissor. 

Next, wrap the colored ribbon around a folded napkin to make a ring. At the overlap of the ribbon, you can glue to fix it. At this step mind that not glue the ribbon to the napkin, otherwise it would be an oops:)

Following the step is to glue stars on the ribbon. When the first star is fixed, glue another one. Please note that do not line them up, to create some fun.

The last step is to glue a button on the top of the star to the finishing touch. You see the lovely festive DIY project is done! Do it yourself for the coming holiday then!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sweet Pink Bouquet Ring

It’s been cloudy outside with a little rain. The weather is not so pleasing, but anyway, such kind of weather makes it cool in summer days. Otherwise, it would be hot. lol. So always be positive is aan important course in life. Just like the zakka makers. A true zakka maker should show a deep love for life, and always be positive and caring. In this way, he can get inspiration and create more lovely stuffs. And the zakka stuffs in turn can make life beautiful and better!

So today I want to share you something beautiful: the handmade bouquet ring. To the very matter of fact, both the flower and ring are the two kind of beautiful things. Flowers show tenderness while ring may stand for a kind of promise. Perhaps that’s why the two things are necessary for wedding.

The bouquet is made of resin in pink color. In order to add more chic to the ring, a layer of lace is adorned on the pink resin. The measurement of the ring is about 2 cm and the diameter of the ring is about 1.7 cm. It should be point out that the ring is adjustable to suit different people.

By applying yourself with this lovely zakka bouquet ring, you can easily achieve some cuteness and sweet touch especially in the summer days!

(please note that the pictures are from Etsy VintageBazaarhk shop)

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Set of Fantasy Animals

Hello dear readers. This is the start of the new week :) Amy is just back from Dragon Boat Festival. If you ever know a little about Chinese culture, you may easily found that, dragon symbolize a totem culture thus it is well honored by Chinese.

Today the zakka I am going to share is in animal theme: a set of fantasy animals look up to starry sky. They are made of resin which I do not cover in the before. In the previous post, what I shared most are wood, linen, and alloy when it concerns to the material of the zakka. So this is the first time I shared about some resin stuffs.

There are 12 kind of animal make the whole set. You can easily spot dog, cat, bear, rabbit, elephant, and penguin and etc. Every one of the animal tableware is about 5 cm. They are independently rapped by little wood box. The animal set is a kind of imitation stone work, so it does not delicate in every inch of the product. What this kind of workmanship want to achieve is a rustic and simple feeling.

As you can find that every animal is sitted and looking up to the starry sky. They are just symbolizing a kind of hope and a love for life. If you are a zakka fan, I guess you would definitely love it. Let’s enjoy this fantasy and dreamy zakka animal ornament.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Leave-shaped Zakka Cotton Linen Pot Holder

Happy Wednesday! It has been days since I did not share linen zakka with you all. In the previous two posts are about the wood. And today, let have some linen stuff. It has been waiting for us to discover it! 

As you may know, etsy is an online site that has lots of handmade stuffs, either cute or vintage. Among them there are also many zakka items handmade by the smart people. Today I am going to share a Leave-shaped zakka cotton linen pot holder from the Singing Sunflower shop on etsy.

It is going to bring some greenery from the garden to the kitchen. The owner sews two different kinds of fabrics by hand. This allows it to have two different kind of charm. On the one side, it is the floral print cotton, while on the other side, it was linen check in green. It is worth mentioning that the smart owner also hand embroidered the leave texture with green thread to make it looks vivid.

On the top of the pot holder, a wood ring is sewn on to it so that it can be hanged when free of use. It can not only serve a purpose as a hot pad, but also protect your desk, say wood desk from heating too much. After all, it can be a cute item to just display in your kitchen. Do you like it?

 (Please note that the pictures in the post are from: etsy)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Zakka Three Layer Wood Sundry Frame

As we have talked before the wood would be an important element in zakka. There are lots of zakka made in wood in various designs. Actually, it would be easy to understand that the wood gives off a great sense of nature. While zakka emphasize live a natural and simple life. That’s why a lot of wood applied in zakka.

In the last post, I share you with a zakka wood storage box. Today the theme would still be the wood. What I am going to share today is a three layer sundry frame.

It was made by pine. The special wooden craft makes it looks old and vintage. The dimension for the sundry frame is 41.5*37.5*108cm. It has three layers, and the distance between each layer board for 32 cm. The multi-layers of the frame allows you to put lots of little stuffs on it. Like a plant or an ornament model and etc. If you have no idea of what to put on it, you can just refer the pictures.

The sundry frame has utility function, and on the other side, the frame itself can be a kind of decoration for your space. Just do not hesitate to add some vintage and zakka style to your room. It is going to bright your space for sure.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Zakka Wood Storage Box

Hello lovelies, it is the start of the new week! How was the weekend? Do you DIY the lovely project that I shared in the previous post? It’s very eco-friendly project and can improve the interior atmosphere. And today, what I am going to share is a wood storage box in zakka style.

The wood material is an important element for zakka. If you are a fan of me, you must remember that I shared a mini wood bench before. Mostly it is for ornament, however, the zakka I am going to share today is tend to be more practical, just as the name suggests: storage.

In general, it is made of glasses and wood. There is a crown print on the glass to add more vintage touch to the storage box. As for the size, it is 32cm long, 23.8cm wide and 6.8cm in height. In the inner of the box, there are 12 lattices in it with 7cm×7cm. This is convenient for classifying and organizing your little stuffs no matter your cosmetic or jewelry and etc.

The zakka wood storage box is vintage in look and practical in use. Do not miss such a versatile thing in your space.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY Hanging Air Plant Container

Have you ever grow some plants in your room? In these days, the air plants are very popular among people. They do not require soil and lots of maintenance. That’s why that they are so popular among city dwellers. There are many beautiful ways to display air plants in glass vase. But taking the plants out to be watered and then rearranging them seems a little fussy. So our smart Tempest comes up with a solution: Hang them in the bathroom, so the plants can be automatically watered by the shower steam! How clever! And this is going to be our DIY project.

First of all, there are sever material may be needed. They are specifically: clean plastic bottle lids, string, spray paint(optional), air plants, hammer and thin nail.

Then here is how to do it. Pierce a hole in the top of the plastic lid with a nail.

When this is done, you can apply some paint on the lid to achieve your desired.

Next, thread a piece of string through the hole in the lid and gently tie around the air plant. So it can be fixed into it.

The finishing step: hang it near the window of the bathroom so they can get both shower steam and sunlight.

Quick, easy, fun right? Hope you enjoy it. And thanks for sharing, Tempest!
(Please note that the pictures are from:

Monday, June 11, 2012

Vintage Zakka Button Brooch

Hello lovelies! It is the start of a new week, have a good day & a good week lol. In the previous posts, I have introduced you with some of the zakka related stuffs. Which is your favorite? Feel free to always contact me.

The button brooch is one of the most common zakka stuffs. In the previous posts, there is no introduction and sharing. But believe in me, there will be more in the coming days. And today, I will going to share you all with a fabric button brooch on Etsy.

The fabric button brooch is retro inspired. It was handmade with funky retro style yellow and cream cotton. The brooch features its retro chunky brown vintage button and small vintage glass flower button.

This zakka brooch looks fantastic and vintage. It can be either pined on the bag or a cardigan. Meanwhile, this perfect and unique accessory will be sure to brighten other apparel as well. You can pin such a retro zakka brooch for a try to have some unique taste.

(Please note that the pictures are from Etsy)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Zakka Alloy Ornament in Eiffel Tower Shape

Happy Wednesday! Did you learn my previous DIY project about the votive cover? Easy and fun, right? If you do not want to make some little project by your own, or you are just lacking of some materials at the hand, try it later. It will give you fun and fulfillment.

Today I would share you with an alloy ornament in Eiffel Tower shape with zakka style. Being the landscape of Paris or even France, the Eiffel Tower is the dream spot for visitors around the world. It is about a complex to go to Paris, to have a view of Eiffel Tower. 

 Alloy Ornament in Eiffel Tower Shape

Soaring 324 meters above the Paris skyline, the tower is the world's most visited tourist attraction, drawing some 6 million people each year. Maybe you are almost one of the 6 million, or maybe you are going to be the one. I guess you would like the ornament in Eiffel Tower shape.

 Alloy Ornament in Eiffel Tower Shape
The set of the ornament is down scaling as the original size. There are three version for it with 18cm /25cm/32cm in height. Weather for study room or for bed room, it can definitely add some taste to the space. Meanwhile, the zakka style ornament can also be a good choice as gift for friends. Do not miss this little cute :)

 Alloy Ornament in Eiffel Tower Shape

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday DIY: Knit Votive Covers

Hello lovelies, it is Monday today. How was the weekend? Not bad, I Guess. lol. Well, in the previous posts, I had shared some lovely zakka related stuffs with you. And as I have said, I will keep sharing the zakka stuffs with you all. Because I am the person who lives positively and want discover some little beauties in life. And the zakka has it! Hope you can like my post.

As the start of a new week, today I would like the share you all with a lovely DIY project. Let’s start to make a lovely week. The project was found on Pretty Chic Blog. You can guess from the name that the stuffs would always be pretty and chic, so does our today DIY project.

To make the project, there are some simple materials need to be prepared. They are mainly: scissors
knit socks, leg warmers, sleeves from old sweaters etc– whatever you have
jars or glass votives
sewing thread (optional)
flowers to put inside

Basically, use the scissor to chop up the socks or any other knitwear into the same lengths as the votives you’re using… and then slip them onto your votives. That’s it! You make it done! Last, you can put the flowers into it. Oh, last but not least, it is suggested that you titch around the edge to avoid fraying.

It is really easy and fun and smart!!! How about start now to make your own knit votive covers?



(Please note that the pictures are from Pretty Chic Blog)