Thursday, June 28, 2012

Festive Craft: DIY 4th July Star Napkin Rings

It’s Friday, the weekend is coming! Hooary! Any plan for the weekend? Oh, a few more days, the Independence Day is arriving on the 4th of July! It is one of the most fun and holidays to decorate for due to the fun shapes, colors and designs that come along with it.

It would be a nice idea to add some festival touch to the day. Today the lovely DIY project shared from with the name the 4th July napkin rings is just for the occasion. It is easy to make and will definitely add a sense of patriotic to any table!

To begin with the project, you may need a colored ribbon, blue and white styrofoam sheets, colored buttons, a hot glue gun, pencils, scissors and a star cookie cutter or shape.

When the material is ready, then it comes to the steps to make it. Trace stars on the foam using your star shape and cut out the star shapes with a scissor. 

Next, wrap the colored ribbon around a folded napkin to make a ring. At the overlap of the ribbon, you can glue to fix it. At this step mind that not glue the ribbon to the napkin, otherwise it would be an oops:)

Following the step is to glue stars on the ribbon. When the first star is fixed, glue another one. Please note that do not line them up, to create some fun.

The last step is to glue a button on the top of the star to the finishing touch. You see the lovely festive DIY project is done! Do it yourself for the coming holiday then!

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