Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY Painted Wood Bead Necklace

Hello lovelies! Happy Friday! There has been for a time since I did not share DIY tutorial with you all. You can check here to view the last DIY project. And today when I see this lovely project on Sheknows, I can not help sharing with you all.

The DIY hand-painted wood bead necklace tutorial will allow you to have a piece of beautiful accessory in your accessory collection. It will add sweet touch and stylish feeling to you in a quick time. Meanwhile, you can also play with the colors as you like. So things will end that you got lots of possibility of look.

Before the getting started, there are some materials needed. The list are as below:
1.      Craft paint (the color choices in this tutorial are blue, fuchsia, orange, yellow, and grey. You can also choose as your preference)
2.      paintbrush
3.      10 1-inch wood beads with predrilled holes
4.      painters tape
5.      necklace chain

After the material is getting down, we can come to the tutorial guide. First step: Tape off half of the bead with exactly half of the bead showing. The other beads are the same.

The second step: use the paintbrush to paint the exposed side of the bead while leaving the hide part in blank Paint the same color for 2 beads, so you can get five colors with 10 beads.

The third step: wait until the paint is dry, Then you can peel the tape off carefully. So the beads are almost got ready.

The forth step: line up the pained beads in the order that you want them on your necklace. You can have various combinations as you like of course. The order below is just an example.

The finishing step: string the painted beads into the chain. In order to make a organized color scheme, make sure making the two color sides meet.

Then you got the beautiful necklace wit these easy steps. Like it? 

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