Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zakka Cups with Cross-stitch Styled Prints

A good time of the day may consist in an afternoon tea with friends or books while enjoying the sunshine. And perhaps, a cup of coffee or tea will complete it. How do you find of it?

There is a saying goes that no matter good coffee or good tea may not lack good cups. A cup matters! A suitable or stylish cup may offer more taste and joy to the drink. And today I will share you a set of country and rustic zakka cups.

These cups are in Ceramics which add some vintage favor to the whole feeling of them. The cross-stitch styled prints on the cup are very cute and unique. There are mainly 3 styles of the cross-stitch print: wooden horse, mushroom, and tree. You can choose as your preference.

As for the size, the rim of diameter is 9.2cm, cup bottom diameter 7.2cm, cup height 7.7cm, the volume of the cup is 350ml. It’s very suitable for drinking coffee.

Do you like this zakka style cups? How about add such a lovely cup to your afternoon tea time or for daily use? Anyway, enjoy it dear readers:)

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