Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zakka Nautical Keychain Key Holder

Hello Wednesday! Does any body love the zakka fabric basket that I shared yesterday? I hope so, if not, hmm… I guess I need more efforts to share more interesting and exciting zakka items with you in the coming days.

I found this zakka item on etsy and I guess you may like it, because you may need it for your keys. Yes, it is a nautical anchor unisex leather keychain key holder. I remember well that I have shared this kind of zakka before. And when I check it, I found it is a coincidence that it is also shared on Wednesday! If you want to review it, you can simply click here.

The white and deep blue stripes make it full of nautical feeling. There is also a small anchor charm. It is just unisex, both men and women will like the style. The key chain can help decorate your keys for home or you can match it with your key for your car as the picture shows. 

It is just very small, very simple and yet it is useful! Try it to decorate your keys to have a bright feeling. Enjoy!

(please note that the pictures are from etsy sound of home shop)

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