Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY Hanging Air Plant Container

Have you ever grow some plants in your room? In these days, the air plants are very popular among people. They do not require soil and lots of maintenance. That’s why that they are so popular among city dwellers. There are many beautiful ways to display air plants in glass vase. But taking the plants out to be watered and then rearranging them seems a little fussy. So our smart Tempest comes up with a solution: Hang them in the bathroom, so the plants can be automatically watered by the shower steam! How clever! And this is going to be our DIY project.

First of all, there are sever material may be needed. They are specifically: clean plastic bottle lids, string, spray paint(optional), air plants, hammer and thin nail.

Then here is how to do it. Pierce a hole in the top of the plastic lid with a nail.

When this is done, you can apply some paint on the lid to achieve your desired.

Next, thread a piece of string through the hole in the lid and gently tie around the air plant. So it can be fixed into it.

The finishing step: hang it near the window of the bathroom so they can get both shower steam and sunlight.

Quick, easy, fun right? Hope you enjoy it. And thanks for sharing, Tempest!
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