Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zakka Manual Wood Carving Hobbyhorse

Happy Thursday dear friends! Today I really got something happy to share with you! If you want to know what it is, continue read it.  lol

For a majority of us, the childhood would be the most happy and carefree time in one’s life. At that time, we do not need to worry about the exam, the work and some other annoyance. All we need is to enjoy the prime time and grow happily! In the memory of most people, the rocking hobbyhorse is one of the significant items. (PS, in the previous post, there is a post about rocking chair, you can click here to review it)

The rocking hobbyhorse as the great company of children provides a lot fun to us. When sits on it, the whole world is just full of happy. All we can hear is the sweet laugher of the kids. It seems that the rocking hobbyhorse has magic power that can please us a lot!

Inspired by this sweet and happy item in childhood, the artisan made this zakka wood rocking hobbyhorse. Although, you can not sit on it, you can recall the sweet memory. It can not only give you sweet memory but also offer a decoration for the space. Cool!

There are two sizes for it: big and small. You can choose as you like. Hope you can like it and hope it can bring a sweet memory in bustle life.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Touch the Time with Hourglass

Hello guys! Welcome to a new day and welcome to the new sharing of zakkatalk bog! Today I would like to share a set of hourglasses with you.

In order to better introduce it, I searched online and find some easy-to-read introduction. Generally the hourglass also refers to sandglass, sand clock, sand timer. It can measure the passage of the time probably a few minutes or an hour. The hourglass usually has two connected vertical glass bulbs allowing a regulated trickle of material from the top to the bottom. The moment when the top bulb is empty, it can be inverted to begin timing again.

The set if hourglass is made of quality glasses and gravel with special process. The fine material made the foundation to the high quality of the zakka hourglass.

It can use to timing 30 minutes when the top bulb is empty. If you still want to timing, just invert the hourglass. It is about 20 cm high and with 8 cm diameter for the bulb.

To add to more sweet touch to the hourglass, there are five colors for the sand. The colors available are white, pink, blue, yellow, and purple. 

Use it to timing for cooking or board games. It would be fun and helpful. Meanwhile, maybe sometimes, you feel bored, just simply watching the sand trickle and touch the passage of time directly. Recall the happy times in mind and put yourself up ready for the challenge as well as splendor in life!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Zakka Tote Kawaii Bag

A new week comes here! Amy wishes you all make a good start of the week. Well, on the weekend, I spend some pretty nice time with my friend cathy. We shopping, we eating gourmet and what’s most important we had fun!

I always hope you all can have fun in life, and especially the zakka items that I shared on the blog can add some fun and cute touch to your life. I am happy to see it if you liked them. Feel free to let me know.

Today I would like to share a zakka tote kawaii bag that I found on Etsy. This bag is handmade by the owner. It is used of panel fabric. On the both side of the bag, there is a print. On one side it is print with castle and on the other side it is a house with trees beside it. The prints feature in simple lines and pop colors. So the whole feeling for the zakka bag is fashion and modern!

It is about 38cm×30cm in size. So there is no worry in the storage of the bag. You can go out with it for shopping or go to supermarket. It should be point out that there is no interfacing in the bag. There is just one layer inside the bag. Hope you will like it:)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to Make Layered Felt Flower

Hello guys, a happy Friday to you all! As I have talked about before, zakka may be small and easy to make, while the charm of it is that it can bring beauty and improvement to our life. Today I would like to share an easy made zakka with you all: layered felted flower.

I found this tutorial at creationsbykara. It is really fun and simple. The most important is: it is cute!

First of all, take a look at some of the materials needed. They are felt, sturdy thread and needle, scissors, and tiny beads. These materials can be get prepared easily!

Then here comes the instructions:
1.      Cut a tiny little round-like shape. It would be much cuter if it is not so perfect circles, do not worry to make a pattern.
2.      Take the first piece cut before as a guide to cut the second layer slightly bigger.
3.      Repeat the process till you have the size of flower you want.
4.      Stack all the pieces together and sew them with the thread and tiny beads to add some bead touch. 
Here is the step by step picture!

With these easy steps you get a cute zakka felt layered flower! You can use it as a brooch or hair clip or the like. Just make with your own creativity! Make this lovely flower for a friend this weekend :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zakka Nautical Keychain Key Holder

Hello Wednesday! Does any body love the zakka fabric basket that I shared yesterday? I hope so, if not, hmm… I guess I need more efforts to share more interesting and exciting zakka items with you in the coming days.

I found this zakka item on etsy and I guess you may like it, because you may need it for your keys. Yes, it is a nautical anchor unisex leather keychain key holder. I remember well that I have shared this kind of zakka before. And when I check it, I found it is a coincidence that it is also shared on Wednesday! If you want to review it, you can simply click here.

The white and deep blue stripes make it full of nautical feeling. There is also a small anchor charm. It is just unisex, both men and women will like the style. The key chain can help decorate your keys for home or you can match it with your key for your car as the picture shows. 

It is just very small, very simple and yet it is useful! Try it to decorate your keys to have a bright feeling. Enjoy!

(please note that the pictures are from etsy sound of home shop)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Zakka Woven Willow Basket

Hello dear readers, do you enjoy the last post about the vintage zakka rocking chair? Today the item going to share has something in common with it. It is also wood product. The difference lies in that the item is weaved by willow.

The woven basket shows a idyllic feeling. The willow twig has been gone through special process which may ensure that it will not have hemiparasite. With the smart wovenship by the craftman, the woven basket is nice is detail.

In addition to add some more sweet touch to the basket, there is a fabric inside liner for the basket. The light blue fabric with white little dots makes it just fresh and pretty.

There are two sizes for the basket, the big one is about 30cm*24cm*13cm and the small one is 24cm*18cm*12cm. You can choose the size as you like.

The basket can help you make storage for some clutter in life, for example, the magazines, clothes and etc. Also you can also make it as a flower basket as showed in the picture. Just make use of it with your originality.

Hope you can like it. What’s more I sincerely hope the zakka I shared can make your life better and more beautiful!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vintage Red Zakka Rocking Chair

Happy Monday! It comes to the start of the new week again! How was your weekend? In weekend what would you usually do? Maybe you would go out for a travel or shopping? I guess there would be still many people would just stay at home with your loved ones or family just relaxing yourself. No matter what your choice is, always be happy is the key.

Today I would like to share with you all a wood zakka vintage chair. It looks so relaxing and cute. That’s the reason I like it so much! Just imagine, if you got a busy and tired work for a day, and when you looked at this lovely wood chair, you began to feel relaxed and become calm. Isn’t this is a kind of bliss bring by the little thing? Hmm… I would like to state again, that’s the function of zakka. They are cute and they will improve our life in some aspect!

It is a small copy piece of European classic palace’s rocking chair. The chair with complex process and distinct modeling and beautiful lines is very popular among many people. Meanwhile, the nostalgic red paint color gives the chair a vintage feeling. 

It can be used as dolls for improving your home or background props for shooting. Just play with it as you like!

Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY Painted Wood Bead Necklace

Hello lovelies! Happy Friday! There has been for a time since I did not share DIY tutorial with you all. You can check here to view the last DIY project. And today when I see this lovely project on Sheknows, I can not help sharing with you all.

The DIY hand-painted wood bead necklace tutorial will allow you to have a piece of beautiful accessory in your accessory collection. It will add sweet touch and stylish feeling to you in a quick time. Meanwhile, you can also play with the colors as you like. So things will end that you got lots of possibility of look.

Before the getting started, there are some materials needed. The list are as below:
1.      Craft paint (the color choices in this tutorial are blue, fuchsia, orange, yellow, and grey. You can also choose as your preference)
2.      paintbrush
3.      10 1-inch wood beads with predrilled holes
4.      painters tape
5.      necklace chain

After the material is getting down, we can come to the tutorial guide. First step: Tape off half of the bead with exactly half of the bead showing. The other beads are the same.

The second step: use the paintbrush to paint the exposed side of the bead while leaving the hide part in blank Paint the same color for 2 beads, so you can get five colors with 10 beads.

The third step: wait until the paint is dry, Then you can peel the tape off carefully. So the beads are almost got ready.

The forth step: line up the pained beads in the order that you want them on your necklace. You can have various combinations as you like of course. The order below is just an example.

The finishing step: string the painted beads into the chain. In order to make a organized color scheme, make sure making the two color sides meet.

Then you got the beautiful necklace wit these easy steps. Like it? 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vintage Ceramics Zakka Cups

Hello friends! It is Wednesday today, the middle of the week. Hope everything goes ok with you! The summer days are extremely hot, guys always remember to keep yourself cool. Avoid go out when the sun ray is strong, and always remember to take an umbrella. These things are just useful for protecting yourself from sunstroke.

One more important thing to keep cool is drink more water. So today, Amy would like to share you all with a beautiful ceramic cup. Actually, in the previous post, I have shared about this kind of zakka. If you want review it, you can check here. Unlike the cups in the previous post which is featured in the print, the cups shared today are featured in color.

There are five colors available for the vintage zakka cups: red, pink, beige, blue and green. Personally I like the beige most. The body of the cup is about 7cm and the diameter for the bottom of the cup is about 8cm. So the volume for the cup is relatively big. You do not need to bother to add water time and time again. The hand shake of the cup can reach 11 cm.

Another feature of the cup is the the lovely print and word on the cup. For example on the red cup there is a little dog and a word: friendly. The pink is with the word smile. Hope you can like them:)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wooden Kokeshi Japanese Doll Magnet Set

Do you like the previous post about the little house ornament? I hope so. Meanwhile, welcome to leave any suggestions for the blog. I would like to hear from you!

If the item that I shared last time has some Mediterranean style, than the item shared today can be said in Japanese style: kawaii zakka geisha Wooden Kokeshi Japanese Doll magnet set.


Actually both the item and the name for it contain the Japanese style. For example, the word kawaii in Japanese means lovely and cute. The geisha is also one of the most typical Japanese culture symbols. And they have been made into kokeshi dolls. Traditionally the Kokeshi Dolls were from northern regions of japan but have spread and travelled with popularity across the globe.



This adorable kokeshi dolls are made of wooden with a magnet on the back. The wood material gives it soft and vintage touch, while the magnet on the back allows it to hang on something iron, steel or so. A good example is that you can place it on the fridge door( if it is made of steel) as an ornament!


 One set contains 3 kokeshi dolls with different colors. There are some sakura element on their clothes and hair accessory which are full of Japanese style.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mini Zakka Household Ornament Set

Hello dear friends! It is the start of the new week, hope you all had a happy weekend. Recent days, the summer days hit Nanjing. It is very hot these days. Amy wishs you all can keep cool in summer days.

Toady I am going to send you all a little house! Hmm, as you can guess from the name, it’s a little house, not house for live. The little house is in Mediterranean style. I think this kind of style is fresh and beautiful, and can make people think about the sea. Thus even the hot summer is becoming cool when thinking of the sea. Agree?

This set of mini house furnishing ornament contains 5 kinds of house: warm little house, house with chimney, church, coffee house, and castle. There are big and small size for each house. The big ones are about 7cm×3.5cm, and the small ones are about:5.5cm×2.5cm.

Being made of resin, this set of zakka household ornament is very cute. The smart handicraftsman made it by hand. They boast a great like with the real houses while with cute touch inside it. It would be a nice item to add special touch to your space.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Colorful Zakka Coin Case

Happy Friday! Wish you all a fabulous Friday! A week work is coming to an end and the weekend is just around the corner! Any plans for the weekend? Shopping? Sight-seeing or going to the cinema with your loved ones this wonderful weekend? Well, perhaps, you will have to need prepare your wallet first before you going to make these:)

Today Amy is going to share a set of colorful zakka coin case with you all. There are 6 colors available to choose. The 6 choices are red, blue, green, yellow, orange and grey. No matter you favorite bright colors or understated colors, there will always a choice for you. Beside, there is a lovely print of little animal in different color. For example, pig, birds, rabbits and the like.

It is made of canvas and leather. The fine material makes the wallet good touch. Follow the idea less is more, the wallet is in simple design with no redundant ornament. It is about 13×8cm, which will be okay to put your iphone in.


The two side design with two layers inside make this coin case very useful. On the one side with button you can put your phones in it. On the other side with zip design, you can put in some coins, keys, cards and the like. It would not drop off and very safety! Hope you do like the set of zakka wallet I share today, and wish you all a happy weekend!