Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zakka Mini Wood Bench

Almost in every park, you can find a common thing: the bench. The material of the bench may vary, like metal, wood or stone, however the usage is always the same: it is there to provide a rest for visitors after a long time walk.

 The creative handicraftsman take inspiration from every detail of life. And so they bring us the zakka mini wood bench. The heart shape hollow-out on the back of the bench makes it delicate and yet sweet. It is about 16cm long and 12.5cm tall. It is tiny in size. It is a hand-worked wood item, so it maybe natural for it to have some flaws. Just like the saying “ To error is human” Maybe for it “To flaw is handmade”  lol.

  As for the color, the sandal wood color and mint color are just full of vintage taste. In this way, the item becomes even more zakka! The item itself is a individual craft and art. Meanwhile, you can also invite some “little friends” to take a rest on it (just like the last picture shows below). Then it becomes another combination. 

 The heart-shape always stands for love and care. So it maybe also serve as a gift for lover or wedding gift. Little but Cute, I guess that you will also like it as me :)

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