Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Look at Hand-paint Designer Geninne’s Comfortable Studio

Geninne is one of my favorite Mexican hand-paint designers. She loves watercolors and dedicated to share lots of inspiring work with us. It can be found that most of her work features bird. As to her private life, she once said she lived in the beautiful colonial city of Queretaro with her husband Manolo and their two handsome boys. How cool!

Have you ever wonder what’s her studio or workshop looks like? It is the place where she starts all her work and gets inspiration from. Let’s see it.

The studio is spacious and bright with large window which can let through the sunshine in. The wall is almost white and blue with3/1proporation. There are antique wood furniture full of zakka style. It serves as a powerful storage space as well as her drawing inspiration. The whole space is pure and fresh filled with her work.

 Really love her studio and I come to know how she brings out so many inspiring works. The studio must be comfortable and inspiring. Expecting more of her works in the future. And also I wish I can also have such an inspiring and comfortable studio.

 (Please note that the pictuers are from flicker:Geninne)

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