Monday, June 18, 2012

Zakka Three Layer Wood Sundry Frame

As we have talked before the wood would be an important element in zakka. There are lots of zakka made in wood in various designs. Actually, it would be easy to understand that the wood gives off a great sense of nature. While zakka emphasize live a natural and simple life. That’s why a lot of wood applied in zakka.

In the last post, I share you with a zakka wood storage box. Today the theme would still be the wood. What I am going to share today is a three layer sundry frame.

It was made by pine. The special wooden craft makes it looks old and vintage. The dimension for the sundry frame is 41.5*37.5*108cm. It has three layers, and the distance between each layer board for 32 cm. The multi-layers of the frame allows you to put lots of little stuffs on it. Like a plant or an ornament model and etc. If you have no idea of what to put on it, you can just refer the pictures.

The sundry frame has utility function, and on the other side, the frame itself can be a kind of decoration for your space. Just do not hesitate to add some vintage and zakka style to your room. It is going to bright your space for sure.

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