Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sweet Pink Bouquet Ring

It’s been cloudy outside with a little rain. The weather is not so pleasing, but anyway, such kind of weather makes it cool in summer days. Otherwise, it would be hot. lol. So always be positive is aan important course in life. Just like the zakka makers. A true zakka maker should show a deep love for life, and always be positive and caring. In this way, he can get inspiration and create more lovely stuffs. And the zakka stuffs in turn can make life beautiful and better!

So today I want to share you something beautiful: the handmade bouquet ring. To the very matter of fact, both the flower and ring are the two kind of beautiful things. Flowers show tenderness while ring may stand for a kind of promise. Perhaps that’s why the two things are necessary for wedding.

The bouquet is made of resin in pink color. In order to add more chic to the ring, a layer of lace is adorned on the pink resin. The measurement of the ring is about 2 cm and the diameter of the ring is about 1.7 cm. It should be point out that the ring is adjustable to suit different people.

By applying yourself with this lovely zakka bouquet ring, you can easily achieve some cuteness and sweet touch especially in the summer days!

(please note that the pictures are from Etsy VintageBazaarhk shop)

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