Sunday, June 17, 2012

Zakka Wood Storage Box

Hello lovelies, it is the start of the new week! How was the weekend? Do you DIY the lovely project that I shared in the previous post? It’s very eco-friendly project and can improve the interior atmosphere. And today, what I am going to share is a wood storage box in zakka style.

The wood material is an important element for zakka. If you are a fan of me, you must remember that I shared a mini wood bench before. Mostly it is for ornament, however, the zakka I am going to share today is tend to be more practical, just as the name suggests: storage.

In general, it is made of glasses and wood. There is a crown print on the glass to add more vintage touch to the storage box. As for the size, it is 32cm long, 23.8cm wide and 6.8cm in height. In the inner of the box, there are 12 lattices in it with 7cm×7cm. This is convenient for classifying and organizing your little stuffs no matter your cosmetic or jewelry and etc.

The zakka wood storage box is vintage in look and practical in use. Do not miss such a versatile thing in your space.

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