Monday, June 25, 2012

A Set of Fantasy Animals

Hello dear readers. This is the start of the new week :) Amy is just back from Dragon Boat Festival. If you ever know a little about Chinese culture, you may easily found that, dragon symbolize a totem culture thus it is well honored by Chinese.

Today the zakka I am going to share is in animal theme: a set of fantasy animals look up to starry sky. They are made of resin which I do not cover in the before. In the previous post, what I shared most are wood, linen, and alloy when it concerns to the material of the zakka. So this is the first time I shared about some resin stuffs.

There are 12 kind of animal make the whole set. You can easily spot dog, cat, bear, rabbit, elephant, and penguin and etc. Every one of the animal tableware is about 5 cm. They are independently rapped by little wood box. The animal set is a kind of imitation stone work, so it does not delicate in every inch of the product. What this kind of workmanship want to achieve is a rustic and simple feeling.

As you can find that every animal is sitted and looking up to the starry sky. They are just symbolizing a kind of hope and a love for life. If you are a zakka fan, I guess you would definitely love it. Let’s enjoy this fantasy and dreamy zakka animal ornament.

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