Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday DIY: Knit Votive Covers

Hello lovelies, it is Monday today. How was the weekend? Not bad, I Guess. lol. Well, in the previous posts, I had shared some lovely zakka related stuffs with you. And as I have said, I will keep sharing the zakka stuffs with you all. Because I am the person who lives positively and want discover some little beauties in life. And the zakka has it! Hope you can like my post.

As the start of a new week, today I would like the share you all with a lovely DIY project. Let’s start to make a lovely week. The project was found on Pretty Chic Blog. You can guess from the name that the stuffs would always be pretty and chic, so does our today DIY project.

To make the project, there are some simple materials need to be prepared. They are mainly: scissors
knit socks, leg warmers, sleeves from old sweaters etc– whatever you have
jars or glass votives
sewing thread (optional)
flowers to put inside

Basically, use the scissor to chop up the socks or any other knitwear into the same lengths as the votives you’re using… and then slip them onto your votives. That’s it! You make it done! Last, you can put the flowers into it. Oh, last but not least, it is suggested that you titch around the edge to avoid fraying.

It is really easy and fun and smart!!! How about start now to make your own knit votive covers?



(Please note that the pictures are from Pretty Chic Blog)

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