Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to Make Layered Felt Flower

Hello guys, a happy Friday to you all! As I have talked about before, zakka may be small and easy to make, while the charm of it is that it can bring beauty and improvement to our life. Today I would like to share an easy made zakka with you all: layered felted flower.

I found this tutorial at creationsbykara. It is really fun and simple. The most important is: it is cute!

First of all, take a look at some of the materials needed. They are felt, sturdy thread and needle, scissors, and tiny beads. These materials can be get prepared easily!

Then here comes the instructions:
1.      Cut a tiny little round-like shape. It would be much cuter if it is not so perfect circles, do not worry to make a pattern.
2.      Take the first piece cut before as a guide to cut the second layer slightly bigger.
3.      Repeat the process till you have the size of flower you want.
4.      Stack all the pieces together and sew them with the thread and tiny beads to add some bead touch. 
Here is the step by step picture!

With these easy steps you get a cute zakka felt layered flower! You can use it as a brooch or hair clip or the like. Just make with your own creativity! Make this lovely flower for a friend this weekend :)

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