Monday, July 2, 2012

Zakka Cotton Fabric Sewing Label Tape

Hi guys, welcome to July! This is the first post in the zakka blog. It is a new start! Amy would like to invite you all for the continuous like and support! Meanwhile, Amy would dedicate herself with sharing more interesting and lovely zakka stuffs that may add a little sweet touch to life. Hope you can like it.

The item that we are going to share today is a zakka handmade tags cotton fabric sewing label tape. Here you can it is!

It is 1 meter long in total. There are approx 16 tags which feature lovely print. The space between each tag is about 6 cm. With this in mind, you can easily for measure.

It is made of cotton which allows softness for the item. Besides it can bend easily for different measurement. You can make a special handmade label with this!

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