Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wooden Kokeshi Japanese Doll Magnet Set

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If the item that I shared last time has some Mediterranean style, than the item shared today can be said in Japanese style: kawaii zakka geisha Wooden Kokeshi Japanese Doll magnet set.


Actually both the item and the name for it contain the Japanese style. For example, the word kawaii in Japanese means lovely and cute. The geisha is also one of the most typical Japanese culture symbols. And they have been made into kokeshi dolls. Traditionally the Kokeshi Dolls were from northern regions of japan but have spread and travelled with popularity across the globe.



This adorable kokeshi dolls are made of wooden with a magnet on the back. The wood material gives it soft and vintage touch, while the magnet on the back allows it to hang on something iron, steel or so. A good example is that you can place it on the fridge door( if it is made of steel) as an ornament!


 One set contains 3 kokeshi dolls with different colors. There are some sakura element on their clothes and hair accessory which are full of Japanese style.

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