Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vintage Ceramics Zakka Cups

Hello friends! It is Wednesday today, the middle of the week. Hope everything goes ok with you! The summer days are extremely hot, guys always remember to keep yourself cool. Avoid go out when the sun ray is strong, and always remember to take an umbrella. These things are just useful for protecting yourself from sunstroke.

One more important thing to keep cool is drink more water. So today, Amy would like to share you all with a beautiful ceramic cup. Actually, in the previous post, I have shared about this kind of zakka. If you want review it, you can check here. Unlike the cups in the previous post which is featured in the print, the cups shared today are featured in color.

There are five colors available for the vintage zakka cups: red, pink, beige, blue and green. Personally I like the beige most. The body of the cup is about 7cm and the diameter for the bottom of the cup is about 8cm. So the volume for the cup is relatively big. You do not need to bother to add water time and time again. The hand shake of the cup can reach 11 cm.

Another feature of the cup is the the lovely print and word on the cup. For example on the red cup there is a little dog and a word: friendly. The pink is with the word smile. Hope you can like them:)

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