Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zakka Manual Wood Carving Hobbyhorse

Happy Thursday dear friends! Today I really got something happy to share with you! If you want to know what it is, continue read it.  lol

For a majority of us, the childhood would be the most happy and carefree time in one’s life. At that time, we do not need to worry about the exam, the work and some other annoyance. All we need is to enjoy the prime time and grow happily! In the memory of most people, the rocking hobbyhorse is one of the significant items. (PS, in the previous post, there is a post about rocking chair, you can click here to review it)

The rocking hobbyhorse as the great company of children provides a lot fun to us. When sits on it, the whole world is just full of happy. All we can hear is the sweet laugher of the kids. It seems that the rocking hobbyhorse has magic power that can please us a lot!

Inspired by this sweet and happy item in childhood, the artisan made this zakka wood rocking hobbyhorse. Although, you can not sit on it, you can recall the sweet memory. It can not only give you sweet memory but also offer a decoration for the space. Cool!

There are two sizes for it: big and small. You can choose as you like. Hope you can like it and hope it can bring a sweet memory in bustle life.

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