Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Little Cute Fabric Basket with Green Gingham Inside

Hello Lovelies! How was your July 4th Day? I hope you enjoyed your day with your family. And also I hope the July 4th DIY project that I shared before offer an inspiration.

Today what I am going to share is zakka fabric basket or you can also call it as a fabric bowl. It is very cute for decorating the room or desk. Besides its fresh and pretty look itself, it can be useful for organizing the little stuffs. This just goes well with the zakka essence: pretty & sweet in look 
while functioning in improving life.

The fabric basket is sewn in kawaii round shape with natural Japanese quality cotton and cotton linen. As you can see that the green gingham sewn inside the basket adds a sense of fresh to the basket. The materials bring a soft touch to the item. It is just so pretty! It is about 6cm high, and 11cm in diameter.

Just as I have introduced before, it can plays a good role in organizing little stuffs. Things like keys, sewing accessories, craft items, buttons, or candies for kids and the like can all be put into it. Would you like to add such a cute item in your room to help you organize?

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