Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vintage Red Zakka Rocking Chair

Happy Monday! It comes to the start of the new week again! How was your weekend? In weekend what would you usually do? Maybe you would go out for a travel or shopping? I guess there would be still many people would just stay at home with your loved ones or family just relaxing yourself. No matter what your choice is, always be happy is the key.

Today I would like to share with you all a wood zakka vintage chair. It looks so relaxing and cute. That’s the reason I like it so much! Just imagine, if you got a busy and tired work for a day, and when you looked at this lovely wood chair, you began to feel relaxed and become calm. Isn’t this is a kind of bliss bring by the little thing? Hmm… I would like to state again, that’s the function of zakka. They are cute and they will improve our life in some aspect!

It is a small copy piece of European classic palace’s rocking chair. The chair with complex process and distinct modeling and beautiful lines is very popular among many people. Meanwhile, the nostalgic red paint color gives the chair a vintage feeling. 

It can be used as dolls for improving your home or background props for shooting. Just play with it as you like!

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